Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is it really the middle of JUNE?

Okay, so definitely paint is off the list! It's the middle of June and I have not step foot in my classroom. I had read about this idea of mapping out the summer by week and deciding what I wanted to have done in my classroom and at home. I must need to print it out and glue it to my forehead because so far the list has been out of sight and therefore out of mind. Maybe once I get home I can settle down and get started on that list.

So now I am back to debating what theme I want to use for my classroom. I have always wanted a Dr.Seuss theme room, but to do it right I think it is going to take a LOT of work. My second favorite theme is the superhero theme. There are SO many resources out there right now for superheros so I think that is what I have decided. SOME DAY I will have a Dr. Seuss theme, when I have more time, HA!

I have been wanting to read Daily 5, and tried to get a colleague on board. Neither of us followed through so the book is still sitting in my "teacher" bag untouched. BUT I was so excited to see that a group of blogging gals that I recently started following are doing a Daily 5 book study! Fabulous! So here I am linking up to this blog hop!

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