Saturday, June 23, 2012

D5: Chapter 3

Daily 5: Chapter 3

I am so anxious to just finish this book in one sitting! However, this book study is good for me... it forces me to slow down and think about what I need to do!

  1. What "rings true for you" in this chapter?
The Gathering Place... this to me is so important. After reading Debbie Miller's Teaching with Intention I realize planning out your room is key. Typically, in my building the "gathering" place is right up front because that is where the projector shows, but there is often so many distractions there. The door for one is right there by the board and it is often a big, awkward space. I am creating my gathering place in the back corner, that way if a guest walks in the students will be less distracted. It also allows us to be more cozy and less spread out like we would be in the front. I am hoping the projector being across the room does not pose too much of a problem. I "think" with first graders we will be doing a lot of anchor charts, white board, and hands on with books (all of which will be available in my cozy corner). 

2. How are your students progressing with picking appropriate books?

This questions does not really apply as I am coming from fourth and where I did not  teach Daily 5. In fact, I will be honest I think I taught one or two lessons about choosing the right book at the beginning of the year and never touched on it again. Let's just say I have had a lot of shoppers in the past. 
This will be an area of focus for me this year and I think with Daily 5 it will be no problem. I have the shoe example and I also came across this example for choosing right books.

3. What (if anything) could help improve the processes from this chapter in your classroom?

Well since this will be my first year in a new grade level and the first year doing Daily 5, there really is no "improving." It will all be starting new for me! So instead I have some questions and maybe some of you will happen to click on ME and be able to answer these...

The chimes, is this a must? I feel like my list of things to buy grows every day! I understand it is a soft sound, but any other ideas? I may just buckle down and get it if you all think it's definitely worth it.

Anchor charts for Daily 5... there are so many cute pre-made posters that I love. However, isn't the point to create these posters with the kids? What do you suggest?

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