Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brand New Year!

Well it's been months since I posted anything. There is nothing like teaching a new grade level, raising 18 month old twins, and working on action research for my masters!! While I would like to say that my posting on my blog is a part of my new year's resolution, I am going to be realistic and not add that to my list of things to do. Some day, I would love to devote more time to blogging. For now it will be a when I have time hobby.
After being back at school a couple of days for inservice and getting back to church after a month of traveling on the weekends I did begin thinking about how I would like to make myself better this year. I decided instead of keeping all these "ideas" in my head and most likely forgetting them I would write them down. A place where I can look back and reflect.
First of all, each year my church reads the bible in a year, chronologically. I have joined this challenge... luckily we meet once a week for just a half an hour, great accountability for someone like me :) I am getting late start because due to my last minute decision I am now waiting on amazon to deliver.
Second, I signed up for a half marathon a couple months ago and started running prior to Christmas break. Christmas break kind of put a damper on my running schedule, so I need to get back on track! Worst part is my running buddy is taking real estate classes for the next 3 weeks and won't have time to run :(
Third, I bought a month's worth of boot camp to also work on my strength, plus it's FREEZING outside so that way if I don't get a run in here and there because of weather I'll be okay.
I am thinking I am going to have to start training my body to go to bed earlier, so that I can start my day earlier. Our pastor is challenging us to find 10 minutes to be still and listen for God. Along with my bible reading and running I am going to have to get my booty off of facebook and stay focused. Next week our challenge is to fast for an entire week. I have NEVER, EVER fasted. I am up for the challenge but will be interesting as I LOVE food!
Over all I am hoping to have a more positive attitude and outlook on life!