Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wrapping up 4th Grade

One day left of 4th grade. I have to say it's a bitter sweet good-bye. There have been many times in the past few weeks that I've thought to myself... "I won't be able to do or say this next year." Fourth graders are quite a bit more independent and I have a feeling that will be my biggest adjustment. However, I will not miss the attitudes, the boyfriend/girlfriend drama, and the stinky-ness after recess in the springtime :)
I have a friend from my fourth grade team that is moving also, going to 6th grade. She is facing a social studies assessment on top of reading and math, HA! We both wanted a change and we both got change that is for sure!
These last few days I have been packing up all my stuff, it has been nice to trash stuff that has been sitting in my closets for 3 years! It's a good feeling to throw away, although this can be a struggle for me ;)
Monday will be my last day in fourth grade and then Tuesday morning, bright and early I head in to switch rooms with my colleague!

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