Monday, May 14, 2012

A journal for my thoughts

I originally created this blog for my 4th grade students. We were going to use it for communicating with one another. In all I used the blog twice in 3 years so I decided to make use of it in another way. I debated whether to start a new one entirely with a "cutesy" name, but Jankordians is where my career started. I started with a rowdy bunch of 4th graders and I will NEVER forget that class. I got hired 6 days before school started and had modge-podge of students. They named themselves the Jankordians, while none of my other classes have really adopted the name it's hard for me to let go. 
So now, after 3 years of teaching 4th grade I am heading back to the primary realm. I have to say "heading back" is kind of an over statement. I was really never there. I did my student teaching in 2nd grade and absolutely loved it! I took a long term sub job in 1st grade and then landed in 4th. At first I was hesitant, as my 4th grade team is aWESOME! We work so well together and are always on the same page. We are flexible and fun. The 1st grade team is the POLAR opposite! It will be difficult to work on a team that is all over the place, but I am so excited for 1st grade. I have been obsessing over many great blogs and reading like crazy. My biggest fear is teaching reading. I am going from a huge focus on comprehension/state assessments to just teaching HOW to read. I have really enjoyed reading Debbie Miller's "Reading with Meaning" and "Teaching with Intention." 

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